Tessarin is Brazil's best kept secret: anyone involved in the guitar in Brazil knows that the man is a magician. A finer craftsman it would be impossible to imagine.

Paul Galbraith

I had the opportunity of playing one of Jorge Raphael's guitar and I was impressed by the sound, playability and tone, as well as the finishing. All those features grant his instruments a place among the best nowadays.

Ulisses Rocha

It is known that the Brazilian concert guitars are improving and getting better each year and competing in equal conditions with the best instruments in the world. Antonio Tessarin is — without a doubt — one the fundamental representatives of this new generation of Brazilian luthiers and he has been making instruments of the highest quality. Today, it's an honor and an enormous pleasure for me to play with a guitar made by Antonio Tessarin.

Paulo Bellinati

Since the first guitar of his that I tried, I fell in love with the perfect balance and the crystal-clear sound. As he progressed in his development, I saw other great qualities emerge: beautiful projection, volume, a lovely tone, great playability and an impeccable finishing — a full-featured concert guitar. I consider Jorge Raphael to be one the best luthiers Brazil has ever produced.

Alvaro Henrique

Tessarin guitars have been my faithful companions in performances and on recordings for the last twelve years. They are beautiful instruments with all the qualities a player seeks: impeccable craftsmanship, superb projection, ease of playability and wonderful tone. It's no surprise to me that this master luthier's instruments are being sought after by players throughout the world.

Rick Udler