Tessarin was born in São Paulo and started working as an industrial designer. But since his early childhood he was fascinated by classical music along with the guitar sound and woods.
His passion was so intense that he abandoned his career as a designer and started building guitars. He's actually one of the pioneers in the art of lutherie in Brazil and he's admired by other Brazilian luthiers for his creativity, generosity and skill.
After 20 years in the business, he's built over 500 guitars and his list of clients includes renowned musicians such as Paul Galbraith and Paulo Bellinati.
Tessarin builds his guitars based on the traditional concepts developed by Antonio de Torres in Spain and Hermann Hauser in Germany, but with his own distinctive sound signature, result of years of research.
His guitars have a beautiful, warm, bright and vivid tone, excellent volume, balance and crystal-clear projection. The finishing is absolutely impeccable.