How does your business work?
We are the official representatives of Antonio Tessarin and Jorge Raphael guitars in the USA and Canada. We are responsible for commissioning the guitars and having them shipped to the United States.

I would like to try the guitars. Where are you guys located?
You are always welcome to come over and try the guitars. We are located in upstate NY, 5 miles from downtown Albany. Feel free to contact us and set up an appointment.

Which guitar is best for me?
You are actually the only one who can answer that question. We offer two different types of guitar because we understand that diversity is essential. If you want to go any deeper in this subject, we wrote this tutorial that explains some of the basic concepts behind the art of guitar making.

How can I order a guitar?
Once you make your selection of woods and other specs, we'll give you an estimate. You'll then be asked to sign a form with the specs, the budget and the delivery time. A $500 non-refundable deposit will be required for you to be in the official waiting list. If you order a custom guitar with non-standard features, like 8 strings or a wider neck, a total deposit of $500 plus 40% of the estimated price will be required; this initial deposit is not refundable.

Do you keep an inventory?
We usually try to keep at least one or two guitars in stock, but we cannot guarantee we'll always have instruments available for immediate purchase. The standard procedure is to order from the luthier. Delivery times will vary according to the luthier you select. It usually takes 6 to 12 months to get a guitar.

What if I’m interested in instruments other than the guitar?
We can help you with that as well. Most luthiers also build others instruments like cavaquinho (a 4-string soprano guitar), viola-caipira and mandolins. Even ancient instruments like lutes and baroque guitars may be available. Please feel free to inquire.

Wouldn't it be cheaper if I went to Brazil and bought a guitar myself?
Going to Brazil is always a marvelous experience! Regarding your investment, not necessarily true that you'll be able to buy the same instruments in a more affordable budget, since there are more factors involved than just he price of the guitar itself. But feel free to do your own research. We don't make money selling guitars, but rather working as consultants and helping people make decisions.

What about warranty?
Since each guitar is individually built, hand-crafted and closely inspected by the luthier alone, the chances of buying a defective instrument are practically non-existent. The guitars are also built in a controlled environment, where both temperature and humidity remain stable throughout the building process. Anyway, the guitars will be delivered with a standard limited 1-year warranty. You will receive instructions on how to take proper care of your guitar. If you follow the recommendations, your guitar will last forever.